What is essential is invisible to the eye . Collapsing stars ..
Studying the shadows . Seeing sound .
Disappearing between the lines ..
The language inside my head .


I got an award for Sound Maps ...

I came home from NY and found out that I won an award
for my Sound Maps installation!

There were 9 artists picked out of thousands
from all of the world.... It's the 2013 Showcase Award in
installation work
for Artslant.
Here is the link of winners!
This is the 4th one that I have been selected for..
But the 1st one in the installation category!

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  1. hello noelle, i looked and read through here for quite a while just now. o, i really, really like your themes,ideas and images. many of the topics strike very familiar chords and are areas i've also thought about. there's a strangeness and an atmosphere in your work that fairly makes my imagination fly away. so thank you, i wish you good luck and well-deserved success with all of your projects. i'm far far away or would certainly visit musee16. do share more of these quietly beautiful and strange creations as time goes by. -=colin greenhill. (you know me as 'b_cyg'.)