What is essential is invisible to the eye .
Fragments and remnants . Particles and dust .


A signal and a telephone pole

Electricity . 
Finished this in the studio today .
Listening to signals and communication 
through the telephone lines .

Mixed media . Paint , ink , scratches , old found photo .


Sound maps and stories

Sound maps of signals and thoughts .
The stories of the people I don't know .

 Interwoven by threads of communication . Invisible language .

Postcards From the Edge

Tonight is the Opening of the
Postcards From the Edge Benefit
at Bortolami Gallery in NYC ))
I have a piece in it ! Here is more
info on the event ~ Here or here..
There are over 1500 works exhibited by artists anonymously and the purchases go
to A Benefit for Visual Aids . I'll be getting a falafel at the cart down the street and
you can find me on the steps beforehand . Wishing you a smooth 2020 ))


Notes .. on an unreality .

Notes .. Paper and Poppy Fields .
In my journal . On a day like today .
Reality unreality . 
Floating away .

Mixed media on paper .


A memory ..

A memory .. a horse and a girl .

Mixed media on old book paper . Paint , ink , pencil , found photograph .

.. Floating cats ..

Floating cats .. Above the bed .
Side note ~ The bed is a hospital bed that I found . It is from the
Coronado Hospital during the 1930s-40s .
I use it in my installations )) 

 The cats are ghosts of my cats ))

Drawing and painting on paper . Watercolor , ink , pencil , gouache .


.. Floating ghost cat..

From the studio the other day ..

Fugu at my feet and Molly listening to the birds outside the window .
A floating ghost cat and floating hospital bed .


.. A dream I had .. Puppets .

I was painting in the studio the other day ..
working on some new things in oil and acrylic
and thought these puppet characters might be nice
with watercolor and ink on a smaller scale .

They are partly from characters I have had
recurring dreams about since I was young ..
And part Taki Fugu .. My little dog that I've
been spending a lot of time with this last year .

They are not any one particular kind of animal
or creature .. Just all of them and the ghosts
of them from somewhere in the back of my mind .
A dream I had .

.. . Electricity . Telephone Pole .

Signals from the studio . Working inside the
cabin on these over this
Labor Day Weekend .
Slow and listening to the old sounds
over the radio waves .
Electricity . Ink and paint on old photograph .

Telephone Pole . Ink and paint on old photograph .


Street scene . Redaction no.6

A fragmented montage with layers of
sound . Telephone transmitters and signals .
Street scene from Elevator to the Gallows .
Surveillance and Numbers . A small
projection in a larger installation of
SoundMaps .


.. Ghost Horse . a place by the sea .

The black ghost horse painting has found a place
down by the sea ..
 Wrapped up and ready for it's new home !

Thank you for supporting artists that live under the 
pepper tree like me ) .. Now back to the studio .. With more
paint and songs of far away places that speak .


.. Short wave Radio .

A sight and sound montage that I made .

Short wave Radio is part of an installation .. 
Projected on the wall , behind the curtain
or in a box with a peep hole . 

The sounds are made with layers of signals
and numbers stations recordings
with distant melodies heard through wires 
using old cassette recorders .


Research . Collage

These two collages are from a few years back .
I was going through old science magazines that I
was given  a while back when helping an older man clean out his 
garage . He lived in South Central LA and was on
methadone .. Being in a wheelchair .. He needed help
with his stuff . His stories were interesting and he paid
me by taking us to lunch at the original Roscoes Chicken House .
The afternoon full of people he knew in the neighborhood
.. descriptions and memories of the things he had collected 
and how he traveled from the South to get to Los Angeles
in the 1960's . He had worked shining shoes , as a janitor in some
old hotels and playing in dingy jazz clubs . 
I left with those stories and a few boxes of old 
science magazines .

These two collages are now living on the walls of a
friends house up in Portland . )


.. Sounds from the walls of an old apartment .

Fragments and layers . A sound collage . 
A record player a with scratched old record , cassette 
recorder with layers of sounds .. Whispers and other
while others sleeping .

A sound experiment . When the world sleeps .


The Midnight Sun . Strange dark days

Last night in my sleep .. My dad came to visit me .
He asked how I was doing and how I'm holding up .
I tried to explain to him .. How this is the world we now live in .
My words came out incoherent and in several different languages ..
 It was not making any sense .
We sat and I just looked at him ..
Hoping he could read my expression ..
I leaned in and told him in a whisper ..
' The world is upside down . 
The world is strange and dark .
You should not be here .'

Today is a good day to watch the Twilight Zone Marathon ..
While half the people are out .. Half the people are in .

' Even at midnight , it's high noon , 
the hottest day in history .. 
And you are about to spend it ...
in the Twilight Zone .'
{The Midnight Sun by Rod Sterling .}

And watch
The Obsolete man .

It is strange and dark .. With all of the things going on ..
Dark days . Dark weeks . These last three years .
The list is long and it goes on and on .

'You can only postpone reality for so long .'
Top Scientists say .

On and on and on it goes .
Where it stops .. Nobody knows .
That old sing song saying that 
the grifter says 
while spinning his
whirla wheel .

And while the world sleeps ..  Half are hypnotized ..
The whirl wheel doesn't stop . The days don't stop .
The nights don't stop .
It spins and spins . It doesn't stop .
There seems to be no end .

It's the 4th of July .
And somewhere in the back of my mind ..
Sparklers and hot dogs . I miss you dad .
As you would say .. Stay Slow Smooth and Steady .


Sound Maps . Listening Device . Notes and Stories

.. .  Sound Maps is inspired by a story told by her mother. As recounted by Noelle, her parents were traveling in Czechoslovakia in the late 70’s. Shortly after they arrived and 
en route from the airport to their hotel, the taxi driver firmly instructed her mother and father  to only speak in whispers for the duration of their visit. As he explained, everything was bugged - - their hotel, the phone lines and, even the pipes running through.

{Above .. Installation of Sound Maps . Various locations . }
More about the story and artwork here ~


6x6 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center

The International Small Art Phenomenon !
in New York ..

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This piece is up ))

Ghost Horse . Floating

Floating ghosts through and above .. The dark seas .

Painting on large canvas .


Ghost Horse . Dark Sea

From recurring dreams .. of dark water and dark days .
The ghost horse carries away the memories and ghosts of things .

Painting on large canvas . Oil paint , gouache , ink , pencil .