making things from a radio tower floating in a canoe


a book of ghost portraits . it's more like a sound

 It's more like a sound .. 

a book of ghost portraits
 that I made during our remote-ness 
and days of long lingering unknown

This small book of 20 pages 
is filled of ghost portraits
 painted with layers of gouache , cut paper and ink on paper

Its is a 5 x 7 soft cover book that has a thick card stock feel
and printed on 100% recycled archival paper

available for purchase )


.currents from a small door . and Clara

She stands by a small door
near the floor
thinking about the odd sounding noises 
 in the early morning
when everything is is still dark
when the world is still asleep

A small door near the floor
 layered painting on paper 

. the print is available in the shop )

and a happy birthday to Clara Rockmore 
sound in the back of the studio 
on an overcast morning ..


She thought about the radio .

 She thought about the radio .. What noises and odd sounds 

 were coming out of the speakers . They sounded like they

formed a melody .

she wears a small red tie and a mask .

mixed media painting on paper by Noelle Maline.  2021

new prints are available in the shop )



Your'e on your own .. Claire .. Until the End of the World

Week one of the strange new year ..

With the new year starting
and it being very strange and other things 
I have made some lovely new works 
to go with a peculiar tone and background mood 

I'll be staying here in my studio
in a corner of the house
working on ghost portraits and
talking with invisible friends
listening to sounds and watching films
with my two cats )
having pea soup and bread with cheese
on cold nights .

I watched 
Until the End of the World by Wim Wenders 
.. over a five day period of one hour a day .
I recommend watching since it is very fitting
for these times . Long travels and lingering
moments all over the world . 
Especially nice in a time when one cannot travel
freely and visit people and places .
Only in one's memories .

~ Your'e on your own .. Claire ..
Until the End of the World 



time becomes invisible in fog

today was Christmas 
during a dark plague
time in the studio making things
make the days go by
time becomes invisible
when we are living in a fog
things seem further away
in some ways

 mixed media with paint and paper
dressed for winter
there's nowhere to go



others . fog

anonymous others
not just pawns in a game
mental processes that are 
revealing and peculiar 

a few ghosts of the people I don't know
working in my little room
in the fog of days

mixed media on old photographs 

the sounds of far away playing in 
the background of the studio ..
wandering with shadows in Prague with Kafka 


Ghost portraits .

November in the studio .. working on these lovely ghost portraits of

invisible friends during melancholy days .

Some days it feels like being on a small ship out at sea . Days and months blending and
disappearing into one another .
Other days it feels like being under water in a submarine capsule .. only every so often
the periscope goes up silently to see if there is any land in site .

mixed media paint and collage on paper . 
gauche , gesso , ink , hand cut paper .

Sounds in the background .. echoes from the elevator .
Reading stones . Ela Orleans 
loop .
~ day 264



ghost of ione . memories of others

a few pieces I've been 
working on in the studio
weeks of unknown 
the times

inspired by imaginary friends
ghosts of the past
and the memories of others

to be continued ..

Imaginary friend
{gouache paint ink mixed media collage on old found photograph}

Ghost of ione
{gouache paint ink mixed media collage on paper}



A ghost and stairs

 A ghost on the stairs 

An in-between the
dark days of
October November
mixed media collage gouache paint and ink on paper
by noelle maline

October ghost

 I'm a ghost

October November

the longest months

I'm a ghost

mixed media , gouache and paint on found cabinet card 


parallel places . the sky . one and two

The parallel worlds we are living in and have been .. are hovering over
us like . reminders of the fog and somewhere in the in between .
mixed media on paper . The sky one and two .

 The other day .. working in the studio . painting the walls
with powder paint and gesso . organizing boxes . the light is just right
in the mornings . a little haze of shade from the half windows and the
pepper trees . paper walls with masking tape from an installation
a few years back .

(~sounds from the radio tower in the back of my mind in the back of the studio)


Isolation tank . day 72

I made this one the other day .
in the midst of strange days .
a factory 
a mask
a sleep
mixed media . paint , photo , ink on paper


a lemon . a factory .

A lemon , a factory , 
a black hole I dove into .
memoirs from the factory .
remembering Mother's Day 
during quarantine . 
someone I would have liked to have around ..
with a calm , mellow demeanor and a little bit
of a sense of humor .

mixed media collage on paper .
days into days 67 .
print is available ~ here 


Floating . Cable .

In the studio workshop the last few days working
on these new pieces . They feel like small dreams
inside the reality / unreality of days .
( on day 64 . home in quarantine )

 Floating ..

mixed media collages on paper .
print is available ~ here 


The dark woods . eclipse

Eclipse and The dark woods
A few nice archive prints of original 
mixed media collages that I made
4 prints from The dark woods series
are available in the web shop .)


The dark woods


Signals . day 43 . void

in the studio
with remote information

communication , wires and frequencies
it's day 43 . void
I'm working on a new journal .
fragments and moments
the days of distancing
silent messages


Jar of telephone wires

In the permanent collection of the back studio ..
Jar of telephone wire
a reading room
and a luggage receipt .

Day 41 . remote artist quarantine .
a field guide to the invisible .
to be cont ..


A signal and a telephone pole

Electricity . 
Finished this in the studio today .
Listening to signals and communication 
through the telephone lines .

Mixed media . Paint , ink , scratches , old found photo .


Sound maps and stories

Sound maps of signals and thoughts .
The stories of the people I don't know .

 Interwoven by threads of communication . Invisible language .