What is essential is invisible to the eye . Collapsing stars ..
Studying the shadows . Seeing sound .
Disappearing between the lines ..
The language inside my head .


White horse

White horse ..
Somewhere in the back of my mind .

Mixed media . White paint , black paint , ink on paper .

Fragments ..

.. Thoughts and other things .
From somewhere in the back of my mind .
Black dots , Black holes .

Mixed media . White paint , black paint , ink , old photo .

Home .. and then Sea ..

Home .. and the Sea .
From somewhere in the back of my mind .

Mixed media painting and collage
on cardboard . Black paint , white paint
and old photograph .


White horse

White horse , Dark sea ..
From somewhere in the back of my mind ..
Symbols and dreams .

White paint , black paint ,on paper .


.. The bristle cone .

In a way it is a self portrait . 
Since I found this old photograph ..
I've referred to it as that .
It's called 
The Bristlecone .
I first began drawing on this
photograph right after my mother died .
It reminded me of her , her mother and
her mother's mother .
And it reminded me of the
White Mountains up near the Bristlecone forest .
It has been with me , on the walls ,
next to my beds , wherever they were .
Yesterday ..
I finished it .
With a few more ghostly lines and painted 
ice around the edges ..

Please be kind to the trees and and living creatures that
live there also ..
Take care of our National Parks and all that
live there .


Original hand made things in my shop ..

I've added a few new pieces to the shop !
Fixing it up for this new year and
Working in the studio everyday while it's
been raining outside has been really nice .
Molly no tail has been laying by the heater and
keeping me company . 
I'll be adding more really soon !
Keep you posted ))


Some new prints in the web shop ..

For a new year .. I have some new prints in the print web shop .. 
I've been working diligently in the studio on some new pieces
also .. And those should be up soon )
Wishing everyone a smooth and steady new year ..


Signals into the new year ..

Sitting on the wood pile . From the dark woods .
A collapsing star behind her head .
The thoughts of the years behind .
The signals of the moments ahead .


Memoirs from the Moon ..

The sky remains black ..
Relief could be found only in the shadows
of the rocks and craters .

Signals .

I worked on these two Signals ..
While we were having a Black Out for two days
and two men were replacing
the old transformer with a new one .

Mixed media collages with paint and ink  .


Art Exhibition and Gala in New York

New York Friends ..

Tomorrow night , June 7th ,  is the Art opening Exhibit and Gala in New York at Chashama !
Beginning at 9pm at 4 Times Square on the 22nd floor . You are invited )

A few of my pieces will be in the show !

Info ~~~
The Chashama Art and Afterparty is to feature the incredible work and stories of 50 Artists, alongside 150+ installations, and artists and performers!

Every year, Chashama converts 30,000 square feet of office space into a massive maze of artistic wonder, featuring fire art, pole-dancing spirographs, and surprises around every corner.
You’re invited to come celebrate NYC’s amazing and unique art communities!

All proceeds support Chashama's mission to give artists space to create and present their work, while providing free arts programming in underserved communities.
Ticket to the event:


THings at SeeMe ..

Thank you SeeMe Community for presenting my work !
Translating the Signals coming through ..

Mixed media on old found photos . Ink and white out .

Black Pools ..

Two Black Pools from the workshop studio ..
Translating the information inbetween reality and unreality .

Mixed media collages on wood panels .
Oil paint , ink , white out , old found photos .

Lithium and Laudanum ..

A pair of mixed media collages I made on the interior
sides of old book covers I have been holding onto
and admiring for years .. 

Lithium above .. And Laudanum below .

Sending Signals .


Public Arts .. In a show at Public in NYC

.. Friends that live in NYC .. 
Tomorrow evening .. 
You are invited to an opening that I am participating in at 'Public' .. 
Here is the info and address )

(Friday March 9th 5pm) 

Signals .. From the SoundMaps series is in 
the Exhibition at Public )